Ends on August 1, 2019

MEA publishes work by military veterans and family members who are interested in transforming their experiences into literary poetry.

You have a couple of options when submitting a piece to us:  

If you are willing to revise your work, one of our staff will provide you with one-on-one consultation as you work through several drafts. The editors assigned to you are professional writers, educators, and published authors who have volunteered to help veterans learn the craft of writing. MEA’s primary mission is to help veterans and family members build their skills in creative expression, and we strongly encourage you to take us up on our offer.

We also understand that not everyone is willing to revise their work, and would just like to have their piece considered for publication "as is." We will give you the option of having our editors consider your submission for publication on the basis of simple acceptance or rejection. 

Please note the following:

  • Please submit NO MORE THAN THREE (3) poems for consideration.

  • Please submit ONLY NEW, UNPUBLISHED WORKS. We are not able to consider material has previously been presented to the public either in print or on-line.

  • SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS are OK, but please notify our editors if a poem is selected to be published elsewhere. You may do this either by "withdrawing" your entire submission in Submittable, or by attaching a note in Submittable updating the status of one or more poems in your submission.

By submitting your work here you are agreeing to MEA's Copyright and Privacy stipulations located online at http://militaryexperience.org/copyright-and-privacy/

If you have any questions about the submissions process, please feel free to email the Editor-in-Chief at president@militaryexperience.org